Water Wash Commercial Hoods

Water Wash Commercial Hoods

One of the more effective types of commercial hoods, in terms of grease collection and containment, is the water wash type of exhaust hood. This type of hood offers a continuous water mist that is sprayed into the filters and ducts, which will emulsify or harden the grease, allowing it to be collected for easy disposal. Instead of the grease vapors floating around until they settle, they will immediately be cooled and collected in a trough area which is far easier to clean.

What happens with a water wash cartridge system is that, at the end of the day, the water will flush all of the collected grease out of the vent hood and system. This type of commercial hood is more expensive than some of the other traditional models, but the cost savings when it comes to cleaning is significant.

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A continuous mist water wash commercial hood is another type of water wash exhaust hood, and it is one of the most efficient types for grease removal. This type of hood is more complicated to install because it requires plumbing and drainage, but it will effectively remove nearly all of the grease from the system using a continuous mist of cold water as the grease and vapors enter the ventilation system.

Because of the significant fire risk associated with cooking in a commercial kitchen, effective grease removal is important. Ignition of grease residue is the most common cause of commercial kitchen fires, so having the proper vent hoods and exhaust systems can help markedly reduce the risk. Fires are responsible for the majority of property loss in the restaurant business, and can also result in injuries and death of workers or patrons. Commercial exhaust hoods come with built in fire suppression systems that automatically engage in the event of a fire.

Water wash commercial hoods should be considered when designing and installing commercial kitchen ventilation systems. They are an effective and efficient option for grease removal and filtering when grease producing cooking appliance are used (such as grills, fryers, broilers and griddles) and can help keep the kitchen clean and safe.

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