Type 1 Commercial Hoods

Type 1 Commercial Hoods

The entry point to any commercial kitchen ventilation system is the vent hood. The vent hood is intended to capture and contain air that has been contaminated with smoke, grease, vapors, odors, heat and moisture during the cooking process. When the air is contained in a tighter space, the exhaust fans are then able to draw it out through the duct work and expel it to the outdoors.

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Type 1 commercial hoods are the most prominent type of commercial hood found in restaurant kitchens. Because they are able to effectively remove contaminants and pollutants from the cooking area, they keep the kitchen air fresh. A replacement make up air system returns fresh air to compensate for the air that is removed, resulting in proper air flow and keeping the kitchen conditions safe for workers and guests.

The type 1 commercial hoods found in most commercial kitchens are made from stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel resists corrosion very well, ensuring that the equipment will maintain optimal functioning.

The overall functioning of the Type 1 commercial hood can be affected by any drafts that exist in the restaurant kitchen. Therefore, careful placement of the hood is important, as well as careful design of the replacement make up air system fans. If the fans are too close to the hood, the ability to collect and contain the contaminants will be limited and the pollutants will be more distributed throughout the kitchen area. Additionally, drafts can cause heat plumes that cannot be effectively contained by the vent hood and may result in flash flames or fires. With the grease that may be on or around the hood, a flash flame can quickly ignite a dangerous fire.

Type 1 vent hoods are used with various filters and fans, along with stainless steel ducts to comprise a functional commercial kitchen ventilation system. As the kitchen is truly the heart of any restaurant, having the proper equipment to keep it safe and clean is essential.

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